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Jurassic Halloween

Happy Halloween! I guess I'm a bit late to the Halloween party, but better late than never.

For this spooky occasion I drew an Allosaurus ghost, lurking in the dark Jurassic woods. I was originally planning to do this illustration digitally, but I changed my mind and did it with pencil and pens.

This one was fun to work on. The Allo-Specter is almost fully transparent, except for the bloody areas, and has a dark orange eye, and a long, mutant tongue. I also used an eraser to create an eerie glow around it. I thought an Allosaurus would be a great dinosaur for a Halloween themed artwork, in part because I felt its horns made it look more intimidating and spooky.

Anyway, though I'm a day late, I hope you enjoy the spooky Jurassic vibes.

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